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Biolandhaus Arche

A-9372 Eberstein, Vollwertweg 1/a.
  Biolandhus Arche is 930 meters above sea level on Saualpe Hill in East Carinthia. This eco-friendly hotel offers beautiful views of tranquil forests and meadows. The hotel is located from Budapest 467 km-s far away, the way takes almost 5 hours on the Nr. 97 mainstreet.
  The Biolandhaus Arche offers solid wood furnishings, natural fabrics and ergonomic beds, a sauna and a terrace overlooking the mountain. LAN access is free throughout the hotel.
  The restaurant offers traditional and vegetarian meals. The Biolandhaus Arche's children's program also includes hiking and horse riding.
  The hotel also hosts courses such as yoga. To protect the environment, Landhaus Arche uses solar energy to heat water, recycled paper and natural wood.
  Wintersport: Eberstein – Saualpe Austria is a little ski place, the ski area is between 1650 – 1780 meters, with 900 meter track system, and with 1 lift. You can reach it in 7 min. by car. If you want to visit a bigger ski place, you should go by car 1 hour and you can find Anroldstein – Dreiländereck. There is 3 different ski slopes (blue, red, and black), with 17 km track system, and a total of 8 lifts. The ski are is between 680 - 1600 meters.

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