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Golden Ball Club Wellness Hotel & Spa Győr

9021 Győr, Szent István út 4.
  Győr is the city of meetings: it is located at the meeting point of three European capital Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and the three little Hungarian plain river Danube, Raba, Rabca. Győr is well possessed with traditions, cultural and architectural monuments.
  The Golden Ball Club Wellness Hotel & Spa**** is one of the most popular sport and wellness center in Győr, located next to the historical city center, only 200m from the pedestrian street. In our hotel everyone can find the perfect idyll for oneself.
  The pulsating atmosphere of the city, and the events during the year is typical of Győr. The small, intimate shops are within your reach, however at the end of the daily work, or being tired from the rough weekdays’ running World – our visitors can relax in the silent rooms, and enjoy the view of - the English garden style – Eötvös Park, or calm down in our wellness center. Our guests, those who coming to our house, can find a genuine English environment, with undisputedly rich culture, exude cosiness, stylishness and elegance, recall the proper Victorian period.
  Today’s busy World, the nonstop stressful life require to reduce the pent-up stress. The Golden Ball Club Wellness Hotel & Spa**** sport and wellness center offer such an environment and possibility, where you can do that with active sports.

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