Hotel Miramare ***
Accomodation for 2 person, WI Fi, Breakfast
Italy, Lavagne GE
35% sale
82990 HUF
53990 HUF
Wolf Pension
Accommodation , Half board service, Spa tickets, Free parking
Hungary, Sárvár
41% sale
59000 HUF
34490 HUF
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Petit Chateau
Accommodation, Half board, Free wifi, Free parking
Italy, Montecatini Terme
35% sale
99850 HUF
64900 HUF
Borgo I Tre Baroni ****
accommodation, breakfast, free wifi, free parking
Italy, Toscana
30% sale
128428 HUF
89900 HUF
Hotel Arborétum ***
Accommodation, Breakfast, Wifi, Parking
Hungary, Sárvár
40% sale
40830 HUF
24490 HUF
Pansion Begic
Accommodation, Breakfast, Free Wifi, Free Parking
Croatia, Omis
40% sale
73200 HUF
45900 HUF
Hotel Öreg Miskolcz & Restaurant
Accommondation, Half-board, Use of the sauna park
Hungary, Miskolc
35% sale
64400 HUF
41900 HUF
Gasthof-Pension Mentenwirt
accommodation, half-board service, free parking, free wifi
Austria, Sankt Michael im Lungau
30% sale
131190 HUF
91990 HUF
Karádi Boutique Hotel
Accommodation, Breakfast, Wellness
Hungary, Hajdúszoboszló
34% sale
42000 HUF
27900 HUF
Villa Azúr
Accommodation in apartment, Half board, Private beach, Wellness
Hungary, Siófok
40% sale
83200 HUF
49900 HUF
Hotel Írottkő
Accommodation in a classic room, Halfboard , Wellness, Sauna seance
Hungary, Kőszeg
40% sale
57800 HUF
34900 HUF
Hotel Osimar***
accommodation, buffet breakfast, free Wifi
Italy, Rome
45% sale
63600 HUF
34990 HUF
Aquasol Resort
Accommodation, Half board, Bath tickets, Free wifi
Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár
35% sale
107500 HUF
69900 HUF
Golden Ball Club Wellness Hotel & Spa
Accommodation, Half board, Wellness, Fitness
Hungary, Győr
26% sale
89000 HUF
66000 HUF
Átrium Hotel Harkány
Accommodation, Half board, Free wifi, Free parking
Hungary, Harkány
38% sale
55000 HUF
33900 HUF
Hotel Bassiana****
Halfboard service, Use of wellness, Arboretum entrance ticket, Ticket to the Bath
Hungary, Sárvár
28% sale
75000 HUF
53900 HUF
Hotel Executive Siena
Accommodation, Breakfast, Wifi, Parking
Italy, Toscana
50% sale
89800 HUF
44900 HUF
Hotel Vila Lili ***
Accommodation , Breakfast service, City center, In the near coast
Croatia, Rovinj
30% sale
139900 HUF
97900 HUF
Redyk Ski and Relax Hotel
Accommodation , Half board service, Free use of the Spa, Free wifi
Poland, Zab/Zakopane
40% sale
89990 HUF
53990 HUF
Il Romoli Hotel***
accommodation, buffet breakfast, free Wifi
Italy, Rome
45% sale
63600 HUF
34990 HUF
Hotel & Restaurant Halászkert
Accommodation, Breakfast, Use of the wellness, One glass of wine
Hungary, Badacsony
28% sale
50000 HUF
35990 HUF
Hotel Cosmopol
Two adults, two children under 12 years, Full board service, Wi Fi, Free parking
Italy, Cesenatico
35% sale
207890 HUF
135000 HUF
Aqua Hotel Thermal
Accommodation, Half board, Wellness, Bath tickets
Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár
35% sale
92100 HUF
59900 HUF
Wolf Hotel***
Accommodation, Halfboard, Spa tickets, Free wifi
Hungary, Sárvár
30% sale
53000 HUF
37190 HUF
Hotel Tintoretto ***
accomodation, breakfast, entrance to the Casino, WiFi
Italy, Venice
40% sale
79890 HUF
47900 HUF
Gold Hotel***
Accommodation at midweek, Breakfast, Use of Sauna and Jakuzzi, Wifi and parking
Poland, Zakopane
40% sale
79900 HUF
47900 HUF
Hotel Astoria Bled
Accomodation, Breakfast, Free Wifi
Slovenia, Bled
30% sale
71290 HUF
49900 HUF
Borostyán Med Hotel
Accommodation, Half board service, Massage, 1 bottle of champagne
Hungary, Tamásipuszta
35% sale
115200 HUF
74900 HUF
Hotel Antico Moro
Accommodation , Breakfast, Welcome Drink, Free Casino tickets
Italy, Venezia-Zelarino
69% sale
114990 HUF
35990 HUF
Hotel Kelep***Tokaj
Accommodation, Half board service, Wellness, Use of the bicycle
Hungary, Tokaj
50% sale
85900 HUF
42900 HUF
Rotonda Inn Aparthotel
Croatia, Novigrad-Cittanova
50% sale
153800 HUF
76900 HUF
Villa Jakaranda & Marakuya
Accomodation in a Deluxe Villa, Home made breakfast, Spa, Free Wifi
Indonesia, Bali
50% sale
329800 HUF
164900 HUF
Hotel Avalanche***
Accommodation, Half board, Wellness, Discount on massage
Slovakia, Vysoké Tatry
43% sale
88160 HUF
49990 HUF
Malom Hotel Debrecen
Breakfast, Spa entrance, Parking, Wifi
Hungary, Debrecen
33% sale
74000 HUF
49900 HUF
Gasthof Klammer
Accommodation, Half board, Free wifi, Free parking
Austria, Kremsbrücke
48% sale
109800 HUF
56900 HUF
Hotel Old River
accommodation, breakfast service, free parking, free wifi
Italy, Lignano Riviera
20% sale
283625 HUF
226900 HUF
Hotel Lugas***
Accommodation for 2 people, Breakfast, Wellness
Hungary, Nyíregyháza
64% sale
49200 HUF
22900 HUF
Hotel Grüner Baum
Breakfast buffet, 1x 4 course dinner, Discount coupon, Wifi
Austria, Zell am See
38% sale
174900 HUF
108490 HUF
101 Dalmatinac Design Hostel
Accommodation, Breakfast, Wifi, Free Parking
Croatia, Split
40% sale
98200 HUF
58900 HUF
Luxelthe Hotel
Accomodation, Free Wifi, Baggage room, 0-24 reception
France, Paris
30% sale
108490 HUF
75900 HUF
Angyal Borászat
Welcome Drink, Accommodation, Free use of wellness, Wine tasting
Hungary, Rátka
39% sale
89900 HUF
54900 HUF
Biolandhaus Arche****
Accommodation, Half board , Use of wellness, Discount for massage
Austria, Eberstein
50% sale
119800 HUF
59900 HUF
Klimt Hotel & Apartments***
accomodation, breakfast, free wifi
Austria, Vienna
30% sale
37128 HUF
25990 HUF
Keresztkúti Erdei Pihenőhely
Accomodation, Self- catering, Wellness ticket, Bed linen and towels use
Hungary, Kőszeg
26% sale
26800 HUF
19900 HUF
Best Western Efekt Express
Accommodation, Breakfast, Wellness, Krakkow tourist guide with city map
Poland, Krakow
40% sale
66500 HUF
39900 HUF
Hotel Mamiani
Daily breakfast buffet, Welcome drink , Use of spa, Wi Fi
Italy, Urbino
45% sale
81800 HUF
44990 HUF
Villa Florencia
Accommodation, Halfboard service, One bottle of wine from Eger , Free Wifi
Hungary, Eger
39% sale
57350 HUF
34990 HUF
Batthyány Mansion and Golf Resort****
Accommodation, Self-service, Wellness, Parking
Hungary, Zalacsány
47% sale
75980 HUF
39900 HUF
Belenus Thermalhotel***Superior
Half board, Use of the wellness, Discount for massage, Bathrobe
Hungary, Zalakaros
48% sale
105600 HUF
54900 HUF