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Angyal Borászat - Tokaj Hegyalja

3908 Rátka, Meggyes-dülő -
  The center of the Angel Winery and Vineyard is located in the heart of the famous wine-growing region of Tokaj-Hegyalja at the border of the village of Rátka. The Winery houses gives home for the 12 guest rooms and 1 kilometer cellars unique in the region. It is a great venue for family relaxation, but it is also suitable for conducting friendly or corporate meetings. In this place there was a cooperative cellar and processor of the village of Rátka, with catering tasting room and terrace. The present form of a visitable Winery is scheduled for 2013. It has been completely restored to its guests.
  In the WIne House's nearly 30 acres of land, the typical three grape varieties of Hegyalja are cultivated - Furmint is grown on 60% of the area, Hárslevelű on 30% of the area and Yellow muskotály on 10% of the area. The vineyard is located in the south and south eastern slopes of Szerencs town and Ond village. On the plantations, the work begins at the end of winter, with pruning followed by alignment of the support system and the binding of the spools. At the beginning of May, as green starts to intensify, a small team at the Wine House's vineyard will pick the shoots and wedge them. As soon as the greenwork has been completed, the tedious manual picking of the rows is followed. Our centuries-old traditions faithfully begin the first cut of grapes on the day of Peter and Paul.
  For the rest of the time, in addition to plant protection and machine soil work, a hand-picking and a rebound will be made at the Wine House. Before the start of the harvest, which begins in early October in our region, three to four weeks will help the grapes to break the grapes properly.
  The building has 12 double rooms, all equipped with bathroom, LCD television and mini wine bar. From the windows you have a wonderful view of the varied mountain ranges of Tokaj-Hegyalja.
  The ground floor of our wine house gives home to our wellness island where you can enjoy a spacious jacuzzi in the scenic landscape or detoxify your comfortable Finnish sauna. You can choose from a variety of massages at a pre-arranged appointment. The raw material of the hotel's most special treatments is of course the grape itself! During the opening hours, guests can also enjoy the outdoor swimming pool of the wine house.

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