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2 nights 2 persons
From 34990 HUF
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3 nights 2 persons
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Conditions of availability
Voucher consumable from 2021.01.26 till 2021.02.28.
depending on available rooms by pre-arrangement with the hotel.
Exceptions of service availability
2020.12.27 - 2021.01.03
Package content
  • Accommodation depending on a choosen package in a double room
  • buffet-style breakfast
  • free Wifi
Children prices and extra charges
  • 0-3 years old if they sleep ina double/twin room with their parents: free of charge
  • Tourist tax: 4 EUR/ person/ night
  • price of extra adult person in the room: 15 EUR/ day
  • parking: 15 EUR/ day
  • pets: 10 EUR/ pet/ day
  • 1 extansion: 85 EUR/ 2 persons/ night: between: 01.04.2020-30.06.2020., 01.09.2020-31.10.2020., 28.12.2020-02.01.2020
Conditions of cancellation
The accomodation can't be cancelled or modified. Only in case of purchasing the 'Egykonti FLEX' or the 'Egykonti FLEX EXTRA' package will allow further cancellation or modification. For details please contact with our office.

Hotel Osimar*** - Rome

00162 Róma, Via F. Grossi Gondi 87
  The Hotel Osimar is a clean and comfortable 3 star accommodation in Rome situated just north of the city centre. Within walking distance of central transport hubs like Tiburtina Railway Station and key Metro stops, this newly restored Rome 3 star hotel (opened in summer 2006) offers easy access to the historical centre of the city. The nearby Villas Ada and Borghese are generously-sized parks overflowing with lush greenery and their own rich, unique history. The Romoli Hotel is located from the Fiumicino Airport for 1 hour by train.
  The Hotel Osimar has bright interior space, the rooms are comfortable and elegant with minibar and air condition.
  Use the free Wifi access in the common rooms and have a drink on the terrace.
  The buses take You directly from Hotel Osimar to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. you have to see in Rome: Vatican, Colosseum, Forum Romanum, Pantheon.
  A Hotel Osimar egy családbarát hotel, ahol igény szerint biztosítva van gyermekfelügyelet, valamint plusz költségért (10 EUR/ éj) bölcső. Ezen felül privát parkoló is igénybe vehető a közeli partnereknél.

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