Harmonia Wellness Villa

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Harmónia Wellness Villa

3348 Szilvásvárad, Ózdi út 3
  The villa has familiar mood for your convenience.. Because of the friendly environment you can feel the harmony of its own. It is perfect for relaxation.
  You can find LCD -LED television in the rooms. The villa has mini refrigerant, WiFi, climate, wellness, very kind balcony, a wonderful green area with beautiful landscape which ensure you relaxation.
  The goal is to see many people who experienced our \r\nhospitality, the qulaity holiday enjoied in an exclusive environment with multi-layered service and favorable prices.
  Because of the unique atmosphere of the wellness the guests can enjoy the vacation peaceful within the uproar you find daily in the city.
  Infrared sauna and cold plunge pool helps the guests feel healthy until the hot tub makes the guests feel relaxed and comfortable !

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