Meridian Thermal Hotel

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Meridian Thermal Hotel Harkány

7815 Harkány, Ady E. u. 34/a
  The Meridian Thermal Hotel Acupuncture and Natural Health Center is located in the center of the spa town of Harkány, in a quiet, traffic-free 6300 m2 area. The hotel provides a relaxed place for the guests.
  Each room has a large-screen TV and WIFI access. Free parking.
  Therapy is based on acupuncture, homeopathy and various physiotherapeutic therapies. There is a sulfuric spa, physiotherapy, massage.
  Within a few minutes walk you can reach the Harkány Thermal Bath, where there is a thermal swimming pool and a swimming pool. The main street of the city and parks are very near to the Hotel, so during your city walk you can easily reach the pastry shop and restaurants.
  Area attractions: - Pécs, away from 25 km - Siklós - Duna-Dráva National Park - Máriagyűd

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