Villa Florencia

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Villa Florencia - Eger

3300 Eger, Fazola Henrik utca 6.
  The Villa Florencia is located in the center of the city Eger, between the Dobó square and the castle.
  The romms' style is Scandinavian -rustic, they are really cozy. Every room has a balcany with a view about the castle. The Wifi can be used free of charge.
  In the non -smooking rooms they are TV, refrigeration, and mini freezer. The rooms have own bathroom, and shower. The towels, shampoo and showergel are free of charge.
  Near the hotel are located the Dobó square and the castle of the city. The offer a lot of opportunities for example: you can take a walk in the Szépasszony valley and taste wine there, or you can organise a really nice sightseeing in the center of the city (the most important building in the city: turkish bath, minaret, Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle, Beatles' museum, The garden of archbishop).

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Segítőkész,barátságos házigazdák.Igényesen felszerelt apartmanház.Csendes,nyugodt környék.Ízletes és bőséges ételek.Tökéletes 3 nap volt!