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3332 Sirok, Széchényi István út 146
  Sirok is a historic village in Heves county, situated near Eger (18 km) in Mátra mountains and it is 25 km far from Eger. Today it is most known for its 13th-century castle ruins. Near the village are Egerszalók and Eger, they offer many opportunities in the Natur:in Eger - the Dobó square and the castle of the city. The offer a lot of opportunities for example: you can take a walk in the Szépasszony valley and taste wine there, or you can organise a really nice sightseeing in the center of the city (the most important building in the city: turkish bath, minaret, Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle, Beatles' museum, The garden of archbishop). In Egerszalók there is a good opportunity to take a bath in the Nostalgi Thermalbath.
  The Guesthouse talks about the history, about the old time, when the people produced themselves the food and the meals. They worked at the garden, and huntered, and heated with wood. It makes a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere.What can you do there? Calm, silence, cook outside, outside-activities in the 7000 m2 big garden: football, feathery. You can heat yourself, and you can cook yourself.
  Apartments- Forester Apartment: is located from the mainbuilding 150 m far, single building, cetral heating or you can heat yourself with the use of the stove. Facilities: 2 rooms, 6 berths, kitchen, bathroom with tub and shower, towels, coffee and tee in the apartment for free, free parking in the apartment’s backyard, terrace for smooking.
  These Apartment is located in the edge of the village, these is good for families. Facilities: There is kitchen and livingroom in the building. In winter the building is heated with Norwegian electric panels. In these apartment there is a special machine to cook, it calls sparhelt, you can try it. The doors look to the garden, it is a very good oppotunity for the children. Further facilities: 1 bedroom, it for 4 persons, kitchen, showerroom, towels, bedding, tee and coffe for free, free parking in the apartment’s backyard, terrace for smooking.
  These apartment looks for the lake, it is 40 m2 big and ideal for caples or for families. Facilities: kitchen, terrace, 1 bedroom, for 2+2 persons, showerroom, bedding towels, tee and coffee for free, free parking in the apartment’s backyard, terrace for smooking.

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