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Echo Residence Accommodation

8237 Tihany, Felsőkopaszhegyi út 35.
  Echo Residence Accommodation is one of the most beautiful places of the year, all year round. The hotel is a stone's throw from Lake Balaton, on a 1-hectare wooded area, 2 buildings, 18 luxury apartments and their services, one of the pearls of the northern shore of Lake Balaton. In Tihany you can visite the Benedictine Abbey and the levander plantantation.
  The holiday park is situated in the heart of Tihany in Kopaszhegy, above the Yacht Club and the beach. The apartments on the hillside have a wonderful view of Lake Balaton every season. The marina is for sailing enthusiasts, and the beach offers unforgettable relaxation for those seeking relaxation. Tihany's rich historical and cultural heritage, a unique natural environment encompasses everyone.
  Restaurant offers are offered to those who follow the traditions or are receptive to the new flavors, typical foods and drinks.
  The hotel is located in picturesque surroundings, with a wonderful panorama of Lake Balaton, the island of tranquility, away from the noise of the cities, providing excellent opportunities for relaxation and relaxation.
  According to Eastern Philosophy, health, well-being and beauty can only be achieved if you are in harmony with yourself and nature.

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